Use Big Data for your Alumni with Alumbase!

Alumbase specialises in identifying your organisation’s alumni on the internet with state-of-the-art search algorithms. Using big data analysis, we can find potential speakers for conferences and potential donators. The database that Alumbase creates can also help you update your CRM system.

For Who?

The data collected by Alumbase can be useful to numerous organisations. Here are some examples:

Recruitment agencies

Tired of Googling for hours to find potential people for the vacancies you have? Using the data of Alumbase can help you find the right people quickly, because Alumbase has extensive profiles on millions of people. Need someone who has several years of experience in a certain industry? This might take hours searching on Google and social media websites. Alumbase can it deliver it to you in seconds!


Alumbase can help find your company’s employees previous employers and education. This can a great method to help you target the right schools to find potential employees.

Universities and Colleges

The services of Alumbase are useful for universities or schools who are interested in finding out more about the career paths and accomplishments of their alumni. Knowing current and past employers of alumni can help target new students by displaying the success of educational entity.


We have previously worked successfully with these companies:

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Interested in the services of Alumbase? Or do you have a question about our business?  We would love to explain more about our services in person or via email! Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email